Syntab therapeutics

Innovative Drugs
for Critically Ill Patients

The fight against life-threatening diseases such as cancer requires the continuous development of new drugs and therapies. While in clinical practice the still most frequently applied one is chemotherapy which shows a number of adverse effects, current innovative approaches are mainly based on monoclonal antibodies. Overall, clinically available therapeutic options to treat cancer are by far nonsatisfying and quite costly at the same time.

Syntab Therapeutics pursues a novel and innovative concept bringing together the active components of monoclonal antibodies and small, chemically accessible molecules in its proprietary synthetic antibodies. This combination offers high specificity for diseased cells and tissue, targeted activation of the immune system for selective destruction of these cells and high bioavailability next to optimized tissue penetration. Synthetic antibodies are flexible molecules and easy to produce. Based on these properties time spans for development and approval are expected to be much shorter compared to monoclonal antibodies.

The Principle of Activating the Innate Immune System

The engagement of the patient's own immune system to fight cancer is crucial for the immuno-oncology. This field is expected to become an important part of cancer therapy shortly. Evidence from clinical trials suggests the effects of immuno-oncology therapies on cancer cells may last for a long time, training the immune system to fight against cancer cells even after remission. This exciting feature offers hope of long-term quality survival for the very first time.

Syntab Therapeutics makes use of an individual approach mimicking bacterial invaders. Myeloid cells as part of the innate immune system recognize these assumed invaders and thus start to fight against the cancer cells.