Advisory Board

Dr. Andre Koltermann

biotech entrepreneur and manager

Dr. Andre Koltermann is a serial biotech entrepreneur and experienced manager in the biotech industry. He holds several stakes in start up companies and is co-founder of Syntab Therapeutics and invented Syntab’s technology platform. He held positions in the chemical and biotech industry at Clariant AG and Süd-Chemie AG as executive vice president. Before he acted as CEO and co-founder of Direvo Biotech AG, which was sold to Bayer Healthcare in 2008 in a 210 million EUR cash deal.

Dr. Peter Heinrich

biotech executive and serial entrepreneur

Dr. Peter Heinrich is a long-standing biotech executive and serial entrepreneur and shareholder of Syntab Therapeutics. He is partner of Alira Health, Managing Director of Sinfonie LSM GmbH, President of the German Biotech Association BioDeutschland and Vice Chairman of EuropaBio. He is co-founder of MediGene and its long year CEO, he was CEO of the publicly listed MedTech company Magforce AG, he co-founded the immune oncology companies Immunocore and Adaptimmune. Heinrich supports the company primarily in business development and fund raising.

Prof. Christian Becker

profound scientist and advisor

In parallel to his managing position as the Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Christian Becker is part of the advisory board next to Dr. Koltermann and Dr. Heinrich.