Next generation immuno-oncologics

Syntab Therapeutics

One of the body’s strongest assets is its own capability to fight diseases. That’s what Syntab Therapeutics makes use of: The activation of the first line of immune defense, the innate immune system in order to fight cancer cells.

Syntab Therapeutics‘ novel and innovative concept reprogramming the patient’s own immune system to fight specifically against cancer by small, completely chemically derived molecules called Immune System Engagers (ISErs).

The ISEr concept offers highly specific binding for cancer cells and targets the innate immune system for selective and strong destruction of these cells. The high bioavailability of small ISEr molecules leads to optimal tissue penetration. ISErs are flexible in their molecular design for multi-valency and multi-specificity and easy to produce. Based on these properties development and approval times are much shorter compared to large molecules.

Modular approach offers multiple options

The ISErs combine highly selective binders for recognizing cancer cells and immune activators in one small molecule of 5 to 10 kD. Such molecules are extraordinarily flexible in design and simple in chemical production and can be designed to the needs to fight against a specific cancer. An ISEr can have up to four different binder arms targeting multiple cancer cell specific markers besides the immune activator. Being such flexible molecules, the ISErs can be produced chemically within only a few days with low costs.

ISErs are highly effective against 

tumors and metastases

Recent in-vitro and in-vivo data demonstrate that ISErs are strong agents to fight against tumors and metastases. With the lead molecule ISER Y9, Syntab demonstrates the strong efficacy to fight against triple negative breast cancer and related metastasis. By now, the therapeutic options for patients with triple negative breast cancer and metastatic diseases are very poor. Metastasis is seen as one important factor for bad prognosis in cancer development. The pipeline of ISEr targets consists of a variety of further hard to treat cancers in different development stages. Syntab is working consequently to extend this promising pipeline.